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A technical student organization at the University of Oslo building rockets

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We are a technical student organization at the University of Oslo. We give students the opportunity to work on real space-related projects without prior experience. Here, theory and practice is combined to solve real problems fast and cheap.
The new generation of orbital rockets is rapidly reducing the cost of access to space. We hope to prepare and inspire you to take your part in the new space industry.
We don’t know what the future of space travel will look like, all we know is that we want to be a part of it.

Meet us at V204 in the Physics Building at University of Oslo. 

About us

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Prepare students for a future in space. 

We are a student organization that began our project after a trip to Andøya for CaNoRock 2020. We were inspired to push Norway's boundaries in space and fuel the next generation with a passion for space. 


Milestones - Previous and upcoming

Achieved and coming milestones for Portal Space


Portal Space gets founded

February 5, 2020

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Thank you for your interest in our work. Get in touch with us for any inquiries at

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