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Preparing students for a future in space

 At Portal, we don’t know exactly what the future of space will look like, all we know is that we want to be a part of it.

Through their time at Portal, we hope our members gain the knowledge, drive, and inspiration necessary to help humanity venture into the solar system. 

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We believe that if students are going to solve the problems of tomorrow, they must practice today. Therefore, in addition to a traditional university degree, we provide students with the opportunity to apply their knowledge through the development of space technology. 

Our values

Although we all constantly strive to become better, we must accept who we are and present that person to the world. We all have strengths, weaknesses, and shortcomings, but through everyone being an honest and authentic version of themselves we create an environment free of self-doubt and imposter syndrome. This is the highest value in Portal. 

Honesty and authenticity

Ambition is the strong desire to achieve something, and without it, nothing gets done. During the founding years of Portal, we have learned that ambition increases effort. Reach for the stars and you might end up on the moon.


Ideas are nothing, execution is everything. Just talking about doing things will get you nowhere, actually doing it will. In everything you do, execute your ideas as soon as possible. 


As a member of Portal, nobody will tell you what to do. Everyone is given a single, specific, and time-bound goal to complete, and your only responsibility is to complete it on time. You have full autonomy to complete the goal in whatever way you want. In everything you do, own your responsibility and trust that others do the same.

Responsibility and trust
Make it in-house

Given our vision of preparing students for space, we do not optimize for reaching our goals in the simplest way possible. Rather, we aim for enabling as much learning as possible for our members. From manufacturing to accounting, we prefer to buy tools rather than a complete off-the-shelf solution. Whenever possible, do it in the house - this is when you learn the most.

Seen, Met, Heard, Respected, and Appreciated

People do their greatest work when they feel like they belong and are appreciated. This is especially true for organizations like Portal, where members work voluntarily on challenging problems. Strive for this in every interaction.

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