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Meet our team!


They are responsible for the majority of the structural components related to our work. This includes designing, producing, and testing things such as the test stand facility, recovery system, aerodynamics, rocket body, and much more. The members in this department get hands-on experience with designing, manufacturing, testing, and further improvements. They work with 3D design in Fusion, metalworking, handling of cryogenic oxygen, and problem-solving with programing. They are also exposed to working in a large, cross-disciplinary team.  

Aleksander Bourmistrov

Aleksander Bourmistrov
Rocket Shell


The Propulsion Department designs build and test our rocket engine Reodor. The majority of the work is centered around the combustion chamber, cooling, injection of propellants, tanks and plumbing, and integration with the rocket.​ Through this work, members learn the bulk of rocket theory, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, problem-solving with programming, metalworking, welding, CNC-milling and more. 


They are responsible for monitoring and controlling every part of our rocket. This is done by placing sensors on our system such that it can be monitored and the other teams can evaluate the performance of the system. They make and test the electronics needed for the engine and related systems, inertial measurement and navigation, telemetry, and power supply. The electronics department work on FPGAs, sensors, microcontrollers, embedded CPP, and digital signal processing. In this department, members get to both expand their knowledge of electronics and practice implementing electronics in advanced applications. 


Håkon Offernes  Power Supply


Arne Fredrik Adamsrød Power Supply


Elin Nystog Nordbø Navigation


The Operations department is responsible for making sure that the entire organization is running smoothly. The operations department has a range of tasks within marketing and HR. By securing funds, creating digital content, and taking care of the members, they will bring the organization closer to launching a rocket. 

Through this work, members gain experience with cooperation in a diverse team, leadership, and creativity.


Parham Qanbari - Ahmad Hatem Al-Tawil - Jan Malamant - Moritz Genz
William Dugan - Peter Rønsen Aarhaug - Ola Baksaas - 
Rokas Naudziunas
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