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Our main cooperators
University of Oslo

The University of Oslo is the oldest and highest-ranked University in Norway. As our main partner, they've provided us with a test field at the Institute of Technology Systems, an office and hardware lab, funding, and guidance. We are grateful for their dedication to supporting us. 

Our sponsors

TESS specializes in hoses, hose accessories, wiring technology, and supply services within operational and maintenance products for professional use. 

Nippon Gases is one of Norway's leading producers of industrial gases.
They provide us with gases which are essential during production and testing as well as knowledge on how to use them safely

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Eidsvoll Electronics (EIDEL) is a leading designer and supplier of advanced electronics including hardware, software and instrumentation services.

RS is a global provider of industrial and electronic solutions. This includes electromechanical components, automation control systems, electrical equipment, test and measurement devices, as well as tools and consumables.


IDEAS are a company that develops electronics with applications within healthcare, science, environment, security, industry, and space.


Velociter is a company providing advisory and project leadership services within IT and technology in general. They are also assisting us with specilized knowledge within electronics. 


Frifond is a fund dedicated to support activity among youths in Norway.


Wenaas provides us with high quality workwear which is essential for safe production and testing of our rocket.

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Our partners

Sparebankstiftelsen DNB. The DNB Savings Bank Foundation is an independent Norwegian foundation. Their objective is to contribute to philanthropic causes in Norway.

Previous partners
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