Project Nero

Project Nero is Portal Space's main focus - building Norway's first liquid-fueled rocket. 

Our rocket engine, Reodor, runs on liquid oxygen and ethanol. The project started in February 2020 and the first successful hot-fire was achieved on July 17th, 2021. Reodor will power our rocket which will compete in the European Rocketry Challenge in 2022.


Reodor - Technical Specifications

Design Specifications
Thrust: 3500 N

Mass Flow Rate: 1.47 kg/s

Specific Impulse: 245 s

Oxidizer - Fuel Ratio: 1.33

Combustion Chamber Pressure: 20 bar

Test specifications

Average Thrust: ~2400N

Average Chamber Pressure: ~19 bar


Our Advisors


Rasmus Arnt Pedersen

Mechanical engineer at Copenhagen Suborbitals and chairman of DanSTAR

Even dahl.jpg

Even Dahl

Co-founder and CEO of EnableMagic, co-founder and COO of Insj

Ketil Røed.jpeg

Ketil Røed

Associate professor in electronics at the Univeristy of Oslo.

Anders Brennhagen.jpg

Anders Brennhagen

Doctoral research fellow in chemistry at the University of Oslo