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Ongoing recruitment


Number of open positions: 1-2

As a fundraiser, you will spot fundraising opportunities, develop relationships with potential sponsors, and manage fundraising campaigns. We want to continually increase Portal's ability to fail, learn and innovate. This can only be achieved if we have access to the right equipment and enough funds to replace broken parts. By writing proposals and agreements, and meeting with clients, you will develop your speaking, writing, and leadership abilities while moving Portal Space closer to its ambitious goals.

What you will learn: 

  • Generate new leads and screen potential business opportunities, and select the deals in line with strategies.

  • How to attain and maintain relationships with large businesses and to convey the organization’s mission, vision, and programs to these potential sponsors.

  • Write grant applications, agreements, and fundraising proposals.

  • Strategize and successfully execute fundraising campaigns.


  • Proficent in English and Norwegian.

  • Willingness to learn new concepts. 

  • Student in Oslo that wants to gain practical experience in fundraising and business development. 

  • Result-oriented with a focus on simple and practical solutions. 

  • Motivated, engaged, curious, and not afraid of responsibility.

What we can offer:

  • Work with exciting projects that are complicated to solve and stand out on your curriculum vitae.

  • A chance to get hands-on experience writing proposals, agreements, and contracts from national and industrial agencies.

  • Professional environment, open for input and new ways to do things. 

  • Flexible work hours. 

  • Long months with complete madness.

  • New friendships and unforgettable experiences, as well as developing your communication skills.

  • Open workspace at the Physics building UiO, with access to a lab and workshop.

  • Networking in European and Norwegian space industry, as well as many other types of industries.



Come work with us

We at Portal Space are motivated by ambitious goals and timelines, and we are looking for more people to join our team. Our top priority is that our members are motivated, courageous, and result-oriented.

If you're interested in joining we would like to know a little more about you before we schedule a meeting. Please send an email to containing the following:

  • A letter answering the following questions:​

    • What motivates you?

    • What does your contribution to Portal Space look like in 6 months?

  • A copy of your CV ​


Note: applications can be in English or Norwegian.

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