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Project goal: 

Launch and recover a reusable liquid rocket to an altitude of 3 km in Norway in 2024

About the name Kon-Tiki:



Kon-Tiki is the result of dedicated students who invest their time and effort in the design, building, and testing process of a complex interdisciplinary project. The rocket is entirely student researched, designed, built and tested in-house in our own workshops and test site at the University of Oslo. This includes the development of all mechanical parts, electrical systems, and software. Our learning-by-doing approach enhances the educational value of the project and underscores our ability to innovate as we pursue our ambitious goals.


Our journey is more than just reaching the destination; it’s about embracing hands-on experience at every stage of the process. We actively seek unconventional solutions to address challenges efficiently, rapidly and cost-effectively. To build the rocket from the ground up, our team employs a diverse range of skills and techniques, including computer-aided design, software development, welding, soldering, turning, drilling, angle grinding, CNC machining, 3D printing, and crafting of fiberglass components. When the systems are built, they undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet safety and performance standards. We carry out tests as closely as possible to operational conditions, and key tests include cryogenic and static hot fire tests. These tests provide invaluable data for further learning and re-design, but also serve our team with practical experience with test procedures, preparing us for upcoming launches.

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