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Propulsion department

Number of open positions: 0

As a propulsion member, you will be part of and responsible for designing, building, and testing feed systems, injectors, and thrust chambers. You design based on theory, experimentation data, and test results. The propulsion department is at the heart of any rocket program and you will therefore work with a wide variety of people, systems, and challenging tasks.

What you will learn:

  • Theoretical and practical knowledge of the rocket engine’s injector, combustion chamber, and feed system using knowledge based on thermodynamics and flow calculations. 

  • Designing plumbing to ensure proper flow and pressure of fuel and oxidizer, by making a P&ID through R&D. 

  • Manufacturing methods needed to build an in-house liquid rocket engine using CAD, lathe, and CNC-milling. 

  • Work systematically to solve complex engineering problems, collaborating with others on challenging projects.



  • Student in Oslo who wants to learn more about technical practice in rocket science.

  • Have an interest in innovation and rocket engineering.

  • Result oriented with a focus on simple and practical solutions.

  • Motivated, engaged, curious, and are not afraid of responsibility.

  • Is available to contribute 10 to 15 hours each week on average.


We offer:

  • Work with exciting projects that are complicated to solve and stand out on your curriculum vitae.

  • Professional and technical environment, open for input and new ways to do things. 

  • Relevant technical external and internal courses. 

  • Flexible work hours. 

  • Long months with complete madness.

  • New friendships and unforgettable experiences, as well as developing your communication skills.

  • Open workspace at the Physics building UiO, with access to a lab and workshop.

  • Networking in the European and Norwegian space industry, as well as many other types of industries.

Come work with us

​We at Portal Space are motivated by ambitious goals and timelines, and we are looking for more people to join our team. If you're someone who thrives when working on hard, real-life problems this is the place for you! If you don't have any experience with rocketry or engineering, don't worry, neither did we when we started. 

Our top priority is that our members are motivated, courageous, and result-oriented.

We will teach you the rest.

If you're interested in joining we would like to know a little more about you before we schedule a meeting. Please send an email to containing the following:

  • A letter answering the following questions:

    • What motivates you?

    • What does your contribution to Portal Space look like in 6 months?

  • A copy of your CV ​

Note: applications can be in English or Norwegian.

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